Mobility: Work with your data anywhere, on any device using WebAccess Productivity: Boost your productivity with Top-down planning, and Goal-seeking Low cost, High ROI: Low start-up costs, free PowerPivot and SQL Server Express as Database backend Transparency: Use a single Database instead of many Excels Synchronize changes in PowerPivot Simplicity: Self-service BI, based on Excel No need for extensive IT training

Welcome to PowerPlanner, the new Self-Service BI Planning tool

to simplify the Excel jungle.

We bring the the power of the latest reporting / planning technologies to your friendly Excel environment. Get enterprise-level BI services without investing a fortune in infrastructure and IT consulting, using PowerPlanner. Learn More



Employee Budgeting

Load your HR FTE and part-time into the model. Highlight the cells you want to change, and use the Power Planner Calculate function to give % increase to employees. it supports any type of arithmetic function, with audit trail.

Edit SQL Tables in Excel

Add new members on the fly. In the Power Planner Ribbon, you can open any SQL table, edit the members, add new products on the fly, and reprocess the model. Just click ‘Open’ Select the table to edit. New members … Continue reading

Enable write-back on any Pivot Table with Power Plannner

Any Pivot Table you can now turn into a Budgeting, Forecasting or Planning solution! Get Started: Install Power Planner Enable Cell Editing in the Pivot Table Budget and Forecast on any new or existing model Enjoy Features: - Multi User … Continue reading

Powerful Goal Seeking

With Power Planner, you can take advantage of the Goal Seeking Feature. In this example we want seek a new amount for the number of units sold in order to read our targeted Gross Profit: Set the Number of Units … Continue reading

Power Planner is Easy

Enable any Pivot Table as your Budgeting Solution Excel Pivot Tables are still by far the preferred analytics tool for corporate America. A lot of companies have invested heavily in SQL and Pivot Tables. Make it a Budget System: With … Continue reading